4 Students of FKIP UMS Win SEAMEO SEA TEACHER PROGRAM 2019 Excellent Accomplishment Award

Submitted by ridlo on Tue, 12/10/2019 - 08:46

FKIP students are truly prepared to be the initiators of educational change in the context of global communication-computing. Therefore, to respond to the SEAMEO program in implementing its program in the "Pre-Service Student Teacher Exchange in Southeast Asia (SEA-Teacher), FKIP UMS has sent its students to participate in the program with teaching practice activities through internship/PLP2 programs.

These students were selected by the FKIP TEAM in addition to foreign destination universities. After passing the selection they undergo teaching practice activities in the destination university laboratory school. At the end of their activities, they are evaluated by various parties (universities appointed by SEAMEO) to guarantee objectivity.

The assessment criteria determined by the SEAMEO committee include: blog score> 70, submit the performance evaluation form and submit the SEA-Teacher Program Evaluation.

By 670 students participating in the SEA-Teacher program, only 249 received excellent accomplishment. Alhamdulillah, 4 FKIP UMS students received an 'excellent accomplishment' award from SEAMEO. They are: Sherly Rachmawati and Dyah Ayu from the English program, Satriya Andika from the Mathematics and Indah Susilowati from the PGSD program.

One of the recipients of the program, Satriya, represented his friends when confirming their achievements: "Actually, I did not expect and ambitious to get this certificate, because it was not easy to obtain it. By Allah's permission, then the support of various parties including the mother. Finally, it was felt impossible to be realized in reality Thank you for your support to various parties, especially to the Manager of the FKIP SEA Teacher Program, a program that can establish and establish a student's identity in the era of global communication-computing.

Congratulations and hopefully can deliver FKIP UMS students as true professional teachers who have Islamic personality.