The difficulty level to become a student of Universitas Muhammadiyah Surakarta every year is increasingly difficult. The tight selection process indicates the high level interested of high school graduates to become only one of thousands of new students in UMS. Great interest is not without reason, as private universities have achieved various achiements to be an attraction for prospective new students.

As a college, UMS provides quality services.  UMS provides four types of undergraduate program enrollment: (1) Regular Program , (2) Free Test, (3) Scholarship Program, and (4) International Program. All types of selection are implemented with one day service (ODS) using computer-based technology, prospective students can see the test results directly after the process of completing the question. Guided by competent staff to provide the best service.

The following is UMS general information regarding of New Student Admissions,

1   Information and Schadule  
  • The Vocational program is open every day at ODS UMS
  • Undergraduate program (S1) opened in January until August
  • The Post-Graduate (S2 & S3) opened in March until August


2   Profile Study Program  
  • Undergraduate program (S1)
  • Post-Graduate (S2 & S3)


3   Cost of education  
  • Vocational program fees
  • Undergraduate program fees (S1)
  • Postgraduate fees (S2 & S3)
  • Profession fees

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Cost of education