HW UMS Celebrate 1 Decade Anniversary by Publishing a New Magazine

Submitted by ridlo on Sat, 01/11/2020 - 15:47

Hizbul Wathan, Muhammadiyah University of Surakarta (HW UMS) held a reception for the 1st decade anniversary at Friday (10/1/2020) afternoon at Griya Mahasiswa. The reception was enlivened by scouting discussions, Magazine Launching, theme song 1 Decade and Tumpeng Cut.

Even though the event had started with heavy rain but, it didn't strike down the spirit of HW Cadres. The scout discussions continued enthusiastically. This discussion brought in Ramanda Muhsinun as the caretaker of the central quarters of Hizbul Wathan.

To boost the enthusiasm of guests, Ramanda Muhsinun introduced a motto that was preceded by a shout of 'Siapa Kita!'   ('Who Are We!') then replied with 'Hizbul Wathan, Beriman, bertaqwa, cerdas, terampil, dan berkarakter'.('Hizbul Wathan, Believer, pious, intelligent, skilled, and characterized'). "This motto is following by the purpose of educational objectives in Muhammadiyah. Then it is expected to be applied by cadres of Hizbul Wathan on their daily life" he said.

Three main foundations, according to Ramanda Muhsinun, for being loyal in Hizbul Wathan Scouting Movement must be able to be practiced in every activity. "Before joining HW, you ought to establish your intention onto 3 things. First, the intention to preach amar ma'ruf nahi mungkar. Second, uphold this organization and bring it to the top, and the third don’t forget to burn your spirit here. "said Ramanda Muhsinun.

After the scout discussion, New magazine of HW UMS namely SCOUTLET finally launched. According to the Chief Editor, Risqi Sonjaya, the magazine is a special edition magazine deliberately published to commemorate special moments at HW UMS. Then this magazine is the inaugural edition which hopes to be followed by subsequent editions.

"This Special Edition SCOUTLET Magazine presents a Kaleidoscope of HW UMS journey for 1 decade working for the country. Hopefully, it can be continued in the next edition by the HW UMS Communication and Information Division," said Risqi Sonjaya, a Communication Science student.

The event then became more lit when the theme song of HW UMS Milad launched. This Song is launched under the title ‘1 Dekade’ (1 Decade). The lyrics were composed by Dahlan Amin then arranged by Moh. Arif, then it became more melodious with vocals filled by Novi Paresti. This song delivers the message to stay humble and enthusiastic.

Finally, the night arrived. The activity ended with Tumpeng cut done by M Abdur Rohman as Chairman of HW UMS 2015. This activity was attended by around 100 cadres of Hizbul Wathan, both from HW UMS, HW STIKES Aisyiyah Surakarta and HW ITS PKU Muhammadiyah.