MALIMPA UMS Wins 2nd Place in National Cross-Country Competition

Submitted by ridlo on Mon, 11/25/2019 - 12:12

Mahasiswa Muslim Pecinta Alam (Malimpa) of Muhammadiyah University of Surakarta (UMS) won another proud achievement recently. Now it is Yuzzri Angga aka Tarzan (Islamic Education), Dayu Suryawirawan (Mechanical Engineering) and Frendy Widjaya (Management) who raised UKM Malimpa od UMS at the National level. Those who joined in Malimpa UMS won the second place in the Cross-Country Competition in Ngawi, East Java, last Sunday (11/17/2019).

To climb on the podium of the champion, the champion of Malimpa UMS had to compete with thousands of participants from high school / vocational students, Youth Organizations, even TNI, and POLRI to be participate in this competition. The competition was held to commemorate Youth Oath Day and to remember Governor Soerjo's struggle. The race starts at the Soerjo Monument and ends at the Trinil Museum, Ngawi. The location was chosen to trace the events of dragging Governor Soerjo by the Dutch army during the colonial period using a horse-drawn carriage.

"The race system is like running a marathon, so all the participants are more or less as many as 1,000 participants start simultaneously. So we have to jostle past the participants at the start of the race, "said Yuzzri Angga.

Being in the very back row, Yuzri said Malimpa UMS’s Team at that time was struggling to be more persistent to overtake other participants. Seeing the narrow lane that is only 3-4 meters wide, the team of 3 people, decided to get out of the main lane, and ran on the edge of the main lane, until finally, they stepped in the second position when they arrived at Pos 2.

Continuing their journey to Pos 3, one member of the team, Dayu, experienced leg cramps, thus slowing down the team's movements. "However, cramps is not a reason to give up. The team continued to run until they reached Pos 3. To stabilize the performance, the team member who suffered the cramp earlier, requested emergency treatment from the medical team. Shortly after that, Tarzan and his friends continued the race towards Pos 4. "

"Mas Dayu was feeling so painful that we lay on the side of the road, shortly afterward a police car approached us and offered a ride but we refused because we believed that we could finish the race," Yuzzri said.

From Pos 4, the team continued their struggle with a brisk walk. As they close by the finish line, the cheers of the audience began to be heard, it was the screams that injected the team's enthusiasm to immediately cross the finish line. Still not wanting to be pursued by the team behind him, finally Tarzan and his team managed to conquer the journey as far as 15 kilometers and took home the 2nd championship trophy at the national level. (Risqi / PR)