PSM Voca Al-Kindi Grabs Victory by Two Gold Medals

Submitted by dumadi on Tue, 11/19/2019 - 10:03

Voca Al-Kindi Student Choir (PSM) Universitas Muhammadiyah Surakarta (UMS) succeeded in bringing home two gold medals at the 5th Karangturi International Choir Competition. This prestigious competition was organized by the Karangturi National School, Semarang, Central Java on Tuesday - Saturday (12-16 / 11/2019). The competition was held at Liem Liang Peng Theater Semarang.

Chief of PSM Voca AL-Kindi, Windi Aprilia Putri Wibowo, said that PSM Voca Al-Kindi sent one group to join two categories of competition. The first category is Folklore Category and the second is Mixed Category. Fortunately, the result of both categories was quite satisfying. PSM Voca Al-Kindi succeed to bring two gold medals back home.  "We sent one group of the competition team, to join 2 categories of competition, Mixed and Folklore," said Windi.

Windi also added that, to take part in this competition, her team had to prepare everything for six months. PSM Voca AL-Kindi have to arrange 6 songs at once. Each category consists of 3 songs, in Folklore Category, Voca Al-Kindi present (1) Paris Barantai- H. Anang Ardiansyah this song arranged by Ken Steven,  (2) Lelo Ledhung - Headquarters this song arranged by A Dika Adhyatma and (3) Segalariak - Josu Elberdin. While, in the Mixed category, they present (1) Io Mi Son Giovinetta - Claudio Monteverdi, (2) Autumn Leaves - Joseph Kosma arranged by. Andrew Carter and (3) Zikr - A.R.Rahman arranged by Ethan Sperry.

Chief of Voca Al-Kindi then continued that she was so pleased to realize that all of their hard work paid by satisfying results. A lot of time and energy are given in the preparation process towards the 2019 5th KICC, they believe that the results will not betray the process. She suggests for all Students Organization (UKM & Ormawa) of UMS to continue their effort for the sake of our beloved campus, UMS.

"Yet we’re pleased with the result but the journey isn’t over, we found that out there, there are many extraordinary choirs that make us even more excited to learn more," she added.

Finally, Windi, as the general chief at the end of the 2019 period, advised PSM Voca Alkindi to continue their practice and take part in other prestigious competitions nationally and internationally. Last, she hoped that the next chief can realize this plan.