The selection process entered the Universitas Muhammadiyah Surakarta scheduled every years on January until August. Selections using One Day Service (ODS), and the selections entry is as follows,

  • Regular

Each prospective student enrolls, tests and receives results in one day. The test is performed by computer (CBT), consists of 50 questions and done within 60 minutes. There is a program of study requiring a medical examination. Pada beberapa program studi mewajibkan tes kesehatan. Specifically for medical and dental faculty are required to attach a mental health certificate from the Hospital Mental Physician (SPKJ) and Minnesota Multi Phasic Personality Inventory (MMPI) test results / other appropriate tests.

  • Free Test

Applicants possessing national exam point with an average grade of 8.2 or more, you can enroll through the Free Test (limited capacity). The free test path does not apply to the medical study program and dentistry study program.

  • Scholarship Programs

There are 5 (five) categories in the scholarship program that can be chosen by the applicant, more information can be accessed at

  • International Program 

To enter International Program you can choose on double degree program or international class. Selection courses of international program can you access on the page Program Internasional

The administrative requirements that need to be attached as follows, 

  1. Copy of certificate of graduation certificate (STTB) that has been legalized by 1 sheet
  2. Copy of national exam certificate that has been legalized by 1 sheet
  3. Photos size 4x6 color by 2 sheet
  4. Pay the registration fee of Rp 350.000, - (three hundred fifty thousand rupiah)
  5. Bring your original ID card (KTP / SIM / Student Card / Passport) and copy 1 sheet
  6. Copy of family card (KK) by 1 sheet