Two Athletes of UMS’ Tapak Suci Passed Pencak Silat Branch for PON 2020

Submitted by dumadi on Tue, 11/19/2019 - 10:07

Two athletes of Pencak Silat that representative UMS, Annas Rais Arni Royhan and Dela Kusumawati succeed in passing the Pre-Pon Pencak Silat qualification after overthrowing their competitors. Dela won a silver medal and Anas won a gold medal. Furthermore, they are invited to PON 2020 that will take place in Papua (National Sports Competition Week).

Nur Subekti, M.Or as the trainer and the Chief of Sport Education Program of UMS said that to settle this stage, they need to dedicate a lot of effort. Starting from Kejurprov and following by Porprov 2019 that takes place in Solo. Both Anas and Dela represented their regions and managed to come out as first winner by achieving the gold medals.

Bekti continued, after Porprov they became athletes of Central Java on Pencak Silat branch. Actually, they were monitored athletes by Pengprov IPSI of Central Java because of their achievements at the level of higher education level.

At the Pre-PON XX National Pencak Silat Championship held at Gelanggang Remaja Jakarta Utara on November 12-17 2019. Central Java is included in Region 3, which is known as though area. This area consists of ​​DKI Jakarta, East Java, Central Java, and South Sulawesi, These areas are well-known by the creator of good Pencak Silat Fighter. In this Championship, just the winners who can continue their struggle in PON 2020.

"This four-year event is the most prestigious opportunity of sporting event in Indonesia so our main target is to bring the medals home. Because athletes who succeed in PON will be a priority to enter the Pelatnas groups for Sea Games, Asian Games, or world championships," Bekti concluded.