UMS Holds CBT Test in Regions, Registrant is now easier to access Registration

Submitted by ridlo on Mon, 01/06/2020 - 10:48

Annually, when new student registration is opened, Muhammadiyah University of Surakarta (UMS) (UMS) held computer-based tests outside the UMS Campus area or conducted in schools with computer laboratories. Besides, computer-based tests outside the campus can also be done using the One Day Service (ODS) bus facilities owned by UMS.

The CBT (Computer Based Test) program continues to be socialized by the UMS PMB Committee Promotion Team to related parties, especially schools that able to hold the test. PMB UMS Promotion Team will move to areas especially in Central Java, East Java, and West West Java to socialize and hold schools to hold CBT tests in their areas.

As what Promotion Team did on Friday (1/3/2020), They reach Pati and Kudus to intensify the socialization of the CBT test program in those areas. The team represented by the Head of Promotion Division of UMS, Maryadi, and Member of the Promotion Team, Ahmad Nur Ridlo met with representatives of MGBK teachers (Musyawarah Guru Bimbingan dan Konseling/ Guidance and Counseling Teachers' Consultation) in Pati and Kudus. They both shared with the management of the two district MGBK regarding the regional CBT test.

"Both MGBK Teachers in Pati and Kudus are very interested in CBT Test that hold by UMS outside the campus area. This breakthrough event would make registrants from High School easier to access the selection test for UMS. Moreover, in this area. "This event is a specialty made by UMS that makes UMS is different from other university. Besides, we have a new scheme for ODS test held by UMS this year," Maryadi added.

According to Maryadi, the acceptance of the CBT system in the regions from the UMS was very high, evidently getting very positive responses from the guidance and counseling teachers who were present at the socialization meeting. Soon, it will be followed up with a collaboration plan or an MoU with several schools. In Kudus, the team was received by Dra Sri Maryati, from MBGK Kudus. As for Pati, they met the Chair of MGBK Pati, Mujiannie, S.Pd, M.Sc. "Very responsive, we use CBT tests, with school computer lab facilities," Ridlo added.

At the two separate meetings, besides examining the CBT test held at the school, some questions were raised, including about scholarship programs and medical tests. "At UMS, there are several financing alternatives, one of which is by getting scholarships for prospective students who have achievements. There are Ahmad Dahlan scholarships, Excellent Scholarships, Achievements, and others," Maryadi explained again.

He added, in addition to regional CBT, the registrant will never found any troublesome or difficulties in registration. Registrant just need one day, by registering online at "Our target is around 9,000 students, with a quota system. If it is fulfilled, it will close by itself."

In another part, the Chairperson of the UMS ODS Promotion Team, Ratnanto revealed, with 35,000 active students as well as 12 faculties and 52 study programs, UMS who has worked 61 years, has had a national and international reputation. In UMS, prospective students will at least get higher quality universities that have superior quality, because UMS institution is accredited A, recognized worldwide as the 5th Islamic University in The Word UNIRANK-2019, and entered the ranks of Asia's Best Private Universities UNIRANK 2019 version. "Even the QS Star named UMS 2015-2018, with the best PTS (Private Higher Education) title. " he concluded.