UMS Holds Graduation of Teacher Profession Education Program

Submitted by ridlo on Thu, 02/13/2020 - 11:55

Muhammadiyah University of Surakarta (UMS) was the place for 246  Teacher Profession Education Program (PPG) graduation that consists of 8 classes;  Mathematics Education, PG-PAUD, PGSD, and Accounting, Graduation was held at Wednesday (12/2/2020) inside Mohammad Djazman Auditorium.

Prof. Dr.  Sutama, M.PD said that teachers are educators who provide habituation and role models so that students are willing and able to develop their potential both inside and outside the classroom.

"Nowadays PPG has several excellences begin from exclusive selection to born competent teachers.  Then continued online learning requires a teacher to be able to use information technology efficiently while using the Blended Learning method, "he said.

Then the teacher runs a workshop that conducting teaching practice training (media and learning tools).  The PPG participants conducted PPL (Field Practice Program) for three months by applying the results of the Workshop which was accompanied by qualified lecturers and supervisors.

In this Teacher Profession Education Program (PPG) teachers have two assessments: Learning Implementation Plan (RPP) and Teacher Implementation. 

After graduation, PPG participants conduct a Knowledge Test with a Computer Based Test system at a national level.

Sutama, the Professor of Educational Administration at the Faculty of Teacher Training and Education UMS hopes that the teaching graduates who take part in the judicial program at UMS become responsible, disciplined and unyielding individuals and have the competence and skills of innovative and collaborative critical thinking.

At the graduation ceremony, Prof.  Dr. Muhammad Da'i, M.Si., Apt as Vice-Chancellor I for Academic and Cooperation Affairs who gave a brief public lecture.  Da'i said that the teachers continue to strive to change the future by carrying out the duties of a teacher as best as possible by carrying out professionalism with Islamic terminology sincerely.

"To rise the kindness as a basic thing to survive, responsible in carrying out the duties and obligations of a teacher, excellent profession, carrying out duties and maintaining honor and authority," he added.

UMS is currently opening the Independent Pre-service Teacher Profession Education Program with PGSD, Mathematics and Accounting Study Programs until March 1, 2020.