UMS Scholarship

UMS Scholarship aims to help new students with good achievement and academic abilities, or students to need financial assistance. UMS Scholarships are provided for undergraduate students (S1) and post-graduate (S2) which are divided into several programs.

UMS Scholarship for undergraduate,

  1. Kyai Ahmad Dahlan Scholarship (Beasiswa Kyai Ahmad Dahlan);
  2. Scholarship for Talented Student (Beasiswa Unggulan UMS);
  3. Scholarship for Excellent Youths in Muhammadiyah and Regions (Beasiswa Tunas Unggul Muhammadiyah dan Daerah);
  4. International Priority Scholarship (Beasiswa Internasional UMS);
  5. Achievement Scholarship (Beasiswa Prestasi UMS);
  6. Scholarship for Hafiz Al-Qur'an (Beasiswa Hafidz Alquran).

UMS Scholarship for post-graduate,

  1. Scholarship Pascasarjana Bakti Persyarikatan;
  2. Scholarship Pascasarjana Tunas Unggul;
  3. Scholarship Pascasarjana Ta’awun Untuk Negri.

More information about registration procedure,  registration time and announcement of selection results can be seen at