Visiting UMS, Director General of Research and Development invite do some Innovative Research

Submitted by ridlo on Wed, 12/25/2019 - 08:36

The Director-General of Research and Development (Dirjen Risbang) from the Ministry of Research, Technology and the National Innovation Research Agency of the Republic of Indonesia paid a visit to the Muhammadiyah University of Surakarta (UMS). The purpose of the visit was to disseminate the Industrial Technology Development Program (Program Pengembangan Teknologi Industri/PPTI) and the National Innovation Incentive System (Insentif Sistem Inovasi Nasional/INSINAS). This event took place in the UH BPH courtroom on Tuesday (12/17/2019). This socialization was attended by deans, Head of Study Program, research lecturers and UMS students.

Ir. Sarjito, M.T., Ph.D., Deputy Chancellor for Finance and Information Systems representing the Chancellor of the UMS, also welcomed the group from the Director-General of Research and Development. According to the Vice-Chancellor II of UMS, UMS has so far been very concerned with handling research from lecturers, students or collaboration between the two.

UMS was given an award by LLDIKTI Central Java as the University with the highest number of Research. "So far, UMS is very concerned about research. Hopefully, this socialization will further encourage us to conduct research and technology development, "said Sarjito.

Dr. Eng. Hotmatua Daulay, M. Eng., B. Eng, Director of Industrial Technology Development and their staff explained that for now, inevitably the campus must be able to keep up with increasingly sophisticated technological developments. "So if we don't want to follow it, we will be left behind," he said.

Thus PPTI and INSINAS, according to him, must always find the latest innovations. The purpose of INSINAS itself is to improve innovation systems through increased synergy, productivity, and optimization of national R&D Resources. "The goal of the Insinas is to increase research productivity and to utilize national R&D results," he continued.

While PPTI is a policy instrument of the Ministry of Research and Technology and Higher Education to increase the relevance and productivity of R&D to fulfill technological needs in the industrial field. "Meeting these needs is realized through the development of technology that ends in new products. Increased levels of domestic content. Increasing the competitiveness of domestic industries. And increasing the value improvement chain in the production process through the application of technology resulting from joint development, "concluded Hotmatua Daulay.