Vocational Programs

Vocational Program or better known as Vocational School UMS operates behind Balai Desa Pabelan, Kartasura. The establishment background of the Vocational School is Universitas Muhammadiyah Surakarta desiring in providing human resources which of ready to work. Providing education with 30% boboot theory and 70% practice, ensuring slogans, active, innovative, creative, effective, fun, joyful, and weighing learning can be achieved.

With the partner of Business World and Industrial World (DUSI) having good existence, graduated from Vocational School of UMS is equipped with experience and knowledge in order to be ready to establish independent business or join with DUDI. Vocational education is a multi entry-multi exit system, and education oriented towards character building, work culture, personality, skills, knowledge, behavior and life skill.

If you want to join the UMS Vocational School, there are 8 (eight) concentration programs to choose from: (1) Heavy Equipment Mechanics, (2) Manufacturing Engineering, (3) Sharia Banking, (4) 3D Animation, (5) Maintenance of Power Plant, (6) Power Plant Operators, (7) Sharia Hospitality, and (8) Secretary Notary / Administrative Office

Registration requirement

  1. Graduates of vocational high school / senior high school equivalent, except sharia banking at least D3, all courses.
  2. Age 18th-30th, except sharia banking 20th-27th, attractive appearance (short course).
  3. Submit a copy of the last certificate, 4x6 colored photo (2 sheets), 2x3 colored photo (2 sheets), 2x3 black and white photo (2 sheets).
  4. Passed interview test, psychological test and health.

Registration every day located at ODS-UMS, direct test results announced
The training was held Period I: September - February and Period II: March - August